Why Attend an HBCU?

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, defines an HBCU as any historically Black college or University that was established prior to 1964 and whose principal mission was, and is, the education of Black Americans.  The definition continues by stating the institution must be accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency or association determined by the US Secretary of Education to be a reliable authority as to the quality of training offered or is, according to such an agency or association, making reasonable progress toward said accreditation.  These statements represent the “class-book” reason as to the validity of our Historical Black Colleges and Universities. But the real and defining reasons for attending an HBCU include some of the following:

  • Top Notch Education (Great STEM Programs)
  • Supportive Atmosphere and Community
  • Diversity. Note that a focus on African Americans does not mean a restricted cultural experience. Nor does it mean an exclusion of other ethnicities. HBCUs educate students from all races, ethnicities, and cultures from around the world.  In other words: a truly diverse educational experience. 
  • Affordability
  • Supportive Faculty
  • Alumni Support and Networking
  • Pride.  HBCU Pride.  HBCUs offer a unique opportunity to be a part of our nation’s rich cultural history.

There are 107 Awesome HBCUs that offer amazing curricula for all students.

Parents and students are choosing HBCUs in larger numbers because they want a legitimate expectation that students will be safe, welcomed, and nurtured.